Our prestigious International Jury: Influential American Film Critic Robert Horton, famous Romanian actress Maia Morgenstern and great Los Angeles based-Greek actor Socrates Alafouzos.

Our International Jury

President of Jury
President of Jury
Robert Horton

Versatile and prolific American film critic Robert Horton to be president of Jury at Constanta International Film Festival (CIFF-Romania) 2020. 

 Mr. Robert Horton, a longtime contributor to Film Comment, will serve as President of the Jury at the upcoming CIFF – August 17-21, 2020.

 In addition to having served on the jury of several eastern European film festivals (including Odessa, Ukraine; Ljubljana, and Slovenia), Mr. Horton has been a jury member for film festivals in Seattle, USA and Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany. A member of American Film Critics Association, Mr. Horton has contributed to the ‘Seattle Daily» film section for 30 years. He is also an author of several books of film study including the works of Billy Wilder.

Some like it witty. We couldn’t agree more.
Jury Member
Jury Member
Maia Morgenstern

The most famous and iconic contemporary Romanian actress, Maia Morgenstern played Marry, in Mel Gibson’s «Passion of Christ», shared the lead role with Harvey Keitel, in Cannes official selection «Ulysses’s Gaze» in 1995 by Theo Angeloupolus delivered another memorable performance in Lucian Pintilie’s «The Oak» (also a Cannes official selection in 1993) for which  Maia won «European actress of the year».

On top of that, Maia won scores of awards for stage work and she’s one of the 4 actors confirmed for Mel Gibson’s «Ressurection of Christ» (scheduled for 2021).
Jury Member
Jury Member
Socrates Alafouzos

Socrates Alafouzos – CIFF Romania is honoured to have amazing  Los Angeles-based Actor and Director, Socrates Alafouzos as an official Jury member!

Socrates displayed a remarkable range and versatility in his career, delivering memorable performances from the early days of Cannes official selected «Landscape in the Mist» by Theo Angelopoulos to recently «Criminal minds» and «The 2 faces of January», in addition to his numerous awards for his stage and film work.
Socrates’s short film «Little king» (in which he stars and directs) won «Best International Short» at the «Manhattan Film Festival» and «Best Actor» at the «Madrid International Film Festival» in 2012 among others. His last short film «Between Black and White» which Socrates wrote and directed received the «Grand Jury Prize» at the «Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangier», «Best Script» at the Kinofilm International Manchester Short Film Festival, «Best International short film» at «Salento International Film Festival and many others.
CIFF-Romania offers the following awards in every fiction category, ``Short Film``, ``Medium Length`` and ``Feature Film``:


1 Best Film

2 Best Directing

3 Best Cinematography

4 Best Editing

5 Best Production Design

6 Best Actor

7 Best Actress

8 Best Supporting Male Actor

9 Best Supporting Actress

10 Best Sound Mix Design

11 Best Score

12 Best Makeup and Hair

13 Best film – «Audience Award»

14 «Most Innovative Film» (Daring and expressive mise en scene, mood, aesthetics in the service of the story)

15 Best Documentary Film

16 Best Animation Film