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In 8AD, Ovid (Publius Ovidio Naso) is the most celebrated poet of Rome.

Due to some supposed transgression or subversive activities Emperor Augustus sends Ovid in exile, at a remote and obscure Roman military outpost, on the Black Sea Coast : «Tomis».

Ovid arrives at Tomis in 9AD.

«Tomis» is the place of exile, is the contemporary Romanian Harbour of Constanta, on the Black Sea.

Ovid writes the famous «Tristia» and «Black Sea letters» during his exile, complaining about the bitter winters, with brutal winds and wine freezing in amphoras, while pleading with close friends, back in Rome to persuade Ceasar Augustus to recall him to Rome.

With Caesar’s rather unexpected death on August 16, before getting the chance to reconsider the decision, Ovid’s hopes are all but gone.

Ovid dies in exile at some point after August 17 AD and becomes the icon of Constanta.

The Roman Poet Ovid, Constanta and
The Film Festival

Ovid, the most celebrated poet of Rome, giving his back to the Roman Establishment, as he always did.
Also symbolically from the above.
The Roman Poet Ovid, Constanta and The Film Festival
Picture Courtesy of Photographer Virgil Runcan

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